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  • Fixed annual payment schedule with an end date, for budgeting and planning
  • Remove pension liability off balance sheet as quickly as possible
  • Remove volatility and swings in funded status and minimum payment requirements
  • We can move quickly or create a multi-year timeline to match you business goals
  • Utilize 401(k) as primary retirement vehicle for the future
  • Allow active participants to rollover pension balances into 401(k) to consolidate retirement accounts

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Family-Owned Business

Regional Association


Large 4th generation family-owned mining company, had pension plan in place since 1973. Plan was frozen a decade ago as company transitioned to using 401k as their retirement vehicle, but the annual funding requirements and volatility were severely impacting the future outlook of the company. CFO and President could no longer take the risk and uncertainty to the company and wanted to find a way out.


  • Annual funding payments had tripled in the last 5 years
  • CFO could not budget for annual pension expenses due to drastic fluctuations year to year caused by stock market and interest rate volatility
  • Pension was a significant strain on the HR and finance team to manage and oversee
  • Company felt they couldn’t terminate due to plan’s funded status and the terminal funding ‘gap’ they would need to come up with based on their actuary’s projections
  • Pension was the largest liability on their balance sheet and was affecting their ability for borrowing, acquisitions and other business strategies


  • PensionExit helped them visualize their exit strategy in a whole new way, by combining multiple financial and retirement strategies
  • Implemented targeted communication strategies unique to each participant group in order to achieve successful outcomes and cost savings
  • PensionExit leveraged their strengths as a company and brought in local partners to help understand and restructure their debt obligations into a manageable and predictable outcome
  • PensionExit utilized their existing retirement plan as part of the solution

Regional Association

Regional Association


Large regional employer association, who has been in business since 1936 and had pension plan in place since 1961. The organization had a pension plan that was frozen in 2001 when the company no longer wished to use their pension plan as an ongoing benefit. They were under the impression their funding gap was too large to overcome, so they kept funding it each year, hoping the market would fix the plan eventually. As new leadership took over in 2016, they realized they needed to start taking action to remove the annual liability as the annual funding requirements were not supportive of their growth plans.


  • Plan had been frozen since 2001, yet funding costs and operational expenses continued to increase year over year and were primarily for terminated and retired participants
  • Lack of understanding about how the plan worked and frustration with the actuaries and services providers who could never propose a practical solution
  • New CFO frustrated by inability to budget and forecast their annual pension obligations
  • New president had plans for growth and expansion of the company, but pension liabilities were holding them back from doing so


  • PensionExit helped them build a practical and straightforward strategy based on their desired timeframe and current balance sheet and cash position
  • Led impactful participant meetings to help them understand their benefits and enable them to select payout options that created a win-win scenario
  • Leveraged and highlighted their existing 401k plan as a critical part of the long term solution for their active pension participants
  • Put them on an accelerated timeline and was able to communicate to company leadership exactly what to expect